Conformant Planning based on Approximation (CpA)

Conformant planning is the problem of finding a sequence of actions that achieves a goal from every possible initial state of the world. The KLAP group at NMSU focuses on conformant planning in the presence of incomplete knowledge about the initial state of the world and has developed several state-of-the-art conformant planners including one that won the Best Non-Observable Non-Determinicstic Planner award at IPC 2008 .

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RTM: An AspectBench Compiler Extension for Runtime Monitoring

RTM is an AspectBench Compiler extension implementation that adds several new pointcut designators to AspectJ. These designators extend the detail of weaving available in AspectJ to support the breadth of runtime monitoring needs that exist.

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TOSTRACER: Lightweight Monitoring of Sensor Software

TOSTRACER is a lightweight monitoring framework for gathering behavioral and timing information from simulated executions (in TOSSIM simulator) of software written in the nesC/TinyOS environment. The resulting data is used to generate both behavioral and timing profiles of the software, using UML sequence diagrams to visualize the behavior and to present the timing information.

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