A Computer Science minor is a great way to get fairly significant learning in computer science and programming, and will most certainly set you apart from your colleagues as you start your career. Visit our official catalog page and click on the Minors tab for more detail.

We have four undergraduate CS minor tracks: Algorithm Theory, Bioinformatics, Computer Systems, and Software Development. All of them expose you to the fundamentals of computer science and programming, and then specialize from there. The Software Development minor is probably the most generic CS minor and is a good default choice.

Algorithm Theory is more theoretical and is a good choice for Math majors and the like. Bioinformatics focuses on how computation is used in bio-medical applications and is a good choice for biology/bio-chem/chemistry majors. Computer Systems focuses on the hardware, operating system, and networking side, and is a good choice for EE/ECE and other engineering majors.

We also offer a CS graduate minor that simply follows the Graduate Program’s requirements for graduate minors.