Student Organizations

Programming Club

The NMSU Programming Club was founded in 2021 with the mission of helping students develop their programming skills through practice. The club has weekly programming practice meetings and also hosts a programming competition every semester.

President: Marco Antonio Martinez

Faculty Contacts: Bill Hamilton & Joshua Reynolds

Game Development Club (GDC)

NMSU’s Game Development Club is an ASNMSU chartered organization that operates under the Computer Science department. The club also represents NMSU’s membership in the Association for Computing Machinery . The club does programming projects, hosts community events, and participates in fundraisers. There is a mix of graduate and undergraduate participants, and the club is open to members of all disciplines and skill levels, brought together by a shared passion for game design and development.

President: Gabriel Mauger

Faculty Contact: Phoebe O. Toups Dugas

Computer Science Graduate Student Organization (CSGSO)

The purpose of the CSGSO is to promote fellowship between graduate students in the Computer Science Department and allow a forum for discussing revisions to departmental policies. For more information, visit their website at .

President: Sanuj Kumar