Welcome to the Department of Computer Science

The Mission of the Computer Science Department is to provide formal education in the core disciplines of computer science, as well as to prepare our graduates for research, development and academic careers. The department offers specific expertise in several research areas, such as bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, software engineering and programming languages, computer and wireless networks, data mining and machine learning, game design and human-computer interaction, high performance computing, theory of computing, computer architectures, and assistive technologies. A number of laboratories have been established to coordinate research activities, including the Knowledge representation, Logic and Advanced Programming (KLAP) laboratory, the Programming Languages, Environments, and Automated Software Engineering (PLEASE) laboratory, the Play and Interactive Experiences for Learning (PIxL) lab, the Database Management and Data Mining laboratory, and the Network and Systems Optimization laboratory. The Department members are also directing the CREST Center for Research Excellence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, offering educational and research opportunities in bioinformatics.