Gen Ed

Computer Science has one course that satisfies an Area 3 (Lab Sciences) requirement: CS 171G, Introduction to Computer Science. This course is a 4-credit lab course that expands your knowledge of what computation is, how computers work, how the Internet works, and gives you practical lab exercises in using computers and software to analyze data. It also provides a light introduction to programming computers (coding).

We also offer CS 111, Computer Science Principles, which is a broad introduction to computer science along with a more significant programming experience than CS 171G. CS 111 is not currently a “G” course and so does not satisfy gen-ed, but it is a great introduction to computer science and to programming. CS 111 is aligned with the AP CS Principles exam, and a passing grade on the exam gives credit for this course.

The official catalog course listing shows all of our courses. Please note that CS 110 is offered rarely but is a good intro to using computers, and CS 117 (Intro to Animation) is a defunct course (CMI has good animation courses!).