Why CS at NMSU?

Why Computer Science?

The study of computer science involves learning about the science of computation, and the design and programming of computer systems. As a computer scientist, you will study the nature and limits of computers and of computer programs, and the tools that enable programs to be developed and run efficiently on those computers. Applications in areas as diverse as graphics for entertainment and databases for web retailers challenge computer scientists to both have a breadth of knowledge about what computers can do, and a depth of knowledge in one or a few particular technology domains.

Computer science is a cutting-edge discipline, and a student who majors in computer science can enjoy a career in virtually any area of technology production, management, and use in our society. Graduates from the Computer Science Department at NMSU work in satellite development, telecommunications, digital entertainment, web companies, government research labs such as Sandia and Los Alamos, major computer and software companies, and on down to small businesses and independent contractors. What you do with a Computer Science degree is largely up to you: your interests and your dedication to excel in your studies and work habits. New areas of computer applications are being imagined and created every day, and it is truly an exciting era to be a computer scientist!

Why Choose the Computer Science Department at NMSU?

The Computer Science Department is part of the College of Arts and Sciences and is located in Science Hall. The department has 12 tenure-track faculty members and 1 college professor. Student enrollment is approximately 220 undergraduate majors and 85 graduate students, including 35 doctoral students. The small student-to-faculty ratio allows for a more personalized learning experience and better interactions between students and faculty members in and out of classrooms. The tuition at NMSU and the living expense at Las Cruces are both affordable compared to the tuition at other schools and the living expense at other college campuses nationwide.

Computer science faculty members at NMSU have extensive and active research programs. The department has a legacy of strength in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computer networks, high-performance computing, software engineering, and theory, and has more recently developed strengths in architecture, databases, data mining, and visualization. The department is also dedicated to promote the inter-disciplinary role of computing and exploring applications of computer science technology to areas like life sciences and assistive technologies. These efforts combined provide unique opportunities to be at the forefront of research in computer science.